TAP & Die Set

42pc Tap and Die Sets

18pc. Tap and Die

m3x0.5, m4x0.7,m5x0.8, m6x1.0, m7x1.0, m8x1.25, m10x1.5, m12x1.75, 1/8NPT27
1pc. Tap Wrench — m3-m12
1pc. Die Stock — 25mm
1pc. Screw Driver

18pc. Tap and Die

6nc32, 8nc32, 10nc24, 12nc24, 1/4nc20, 5/16nc18,
3/8nc16, 7/16nc14, 1/2nc13
1pc. Tap Wrench — 1/8"-1/2"
1pc. Die Stock
1pc. Screw Driver