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MRI (Master Resource Industries) are renowned international professional hand tools manufacturer with develop, manufacture and sale. Our main products include : socket and impact socket of 3/4’’ & 1” drive, reversible Gear Wrench and Tap & Die set etc. We have been experience in the hardware field for more than 30 years and had acquired to patents of many country as Taiwan, U.S.A. , European Union and China, as sale products to the world.

Deep Impact Socket Set Supplier

MRI’s ambition is to stay in front and be a leading enterprise. That’s why we’re already working on the next industry innovations. Moreover, our company is a reliable manufacturer of Impact Socket and Big Socket in Taiwan. You can also visit MRI's showroom where you can find excellent performance Impact Socket.
1/2" Deep Impact Socket Set


Deep Impact Socket Set

1/2" Deep Impact Socket Set
Made of Chrome Moly Steel/Electroplate finish
Contents :

4 Pc. Socket:17mm, 19mm, 21mm&22mm
1 Pc. Blow mold case

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For more than 30 years,MRI has been designing and manufacturing Impact Socket across many industries. As one of the Taiwan’s leading Impact Socket retailers, our staff are friendly and knowledgeable, so whatever your query, we’re more than happy to help. Contact us at for further information.