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Tap and Die Set

Tap and die set set helps you overcome damaged nuts, bolts and threads. When a replacement bolt is hard to find, or you simply like being handy, this tap and die set makes it easy to remove imperfections from threads. MRI is the global leader of the hand tools industry. Our tap and die set have a reputation for being durable, reliable and on the cutting edge of both technology and design. We have always laid all our focus on our customers, their needs and demands which helped us develop products that meet their exact requirements. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a reliable tap die supplier.
Manufacturer and Supplier of TAP & Die Set
MRI is a leading manufacturer of luxurious TAP & Die Set and a range of superior quality relative Hand Tools accessories. Besides the Tap and Die Set, we also offer Tap Wrenches, Auto Center Punch, Screw Extractors, Round Die Stocks and Screw Pitch Gauge, all with durable performance and competitive price. We always keep a close eye on the overall production process ensuring that international norms of manufacturing are ethically followed. Contact us today to begin sourcing!!


Tap & Die Set (Cutting Tools)

31Pc. Tap & Die Set
※ Packing: 5 Sets/17 Kgs/18 Kgs/1.4'


Tap & Die Set (Cutting Tools)

TD 51BM-A 51Pc. Tap and Die Set
Packing:3Sets / 17Kgs / 17.5Kgs / 1.17'


Tap & Die Set

56Pc. Tap and Die Set
Packing:5Sets / 10.5Kgs / 11Kgs / 1.34'


Tap & Die Set

40 Pc Tap & Die Set
Packing:10 Set / 14KGS / 14.5KGS /1.3’


Tap & Die Set

42Pc. Tap & Die Set
Packing:10Set/ 13.6Kgs / 14.1Kgs / 1.1'


Tap & Die Set

40Pc. Tap & Die Set
Packing:20Set/ 23.5Kgs / 24Kgs / 0.98'


Tap & Die Set

42Pc. Tap & Die Set
Packing:20 Set/ 14Kgs / 14.5Kgs / 0.54'


Tap & Die Set

12Pc. Tap & Die Set
Packing:20Set / 12.5Kgs / 13Kgs / 0.75'


Tap & Die Set

16Pc. Tap & Die Set
Packing:20Set / 13.5Kgs / 14Kgs / 1.4'


Tap & Die Set

8Pc. Tap Set [TDT-8]
Packing:60Set / 16Kgs / 17Kgs / 1.15'


Tap & Die Set

8Pc. Die Set [TDD-8]
Packing:60Set/ 17Kgs / 18Kgs / 1.15'


Tap & Die Set

Packing:20Set /120Set / 13Kgs / 14Kgs / 1.09'


Tap Wrenches

"T"-Type Tap Wrenches
Packing:15pcs/ 150pcs/ 10kgs/ 11kgs/ 1.4’


Tap Wrenches

"T"-Type Tap Wrenches
Packing:10pcs/ 100pcs/ 17kgs/ 18kgs/ 1.73’
—Used in hand tapping. Can also used with drills, reamers, etc.


Screw Extractors

Screw Extractors
Meterial: Chrome Moly Steel
Size No# : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8


Tap Wrench

The jaws are tempered steel ideal for hand tapping.
The straight handle design provides foruse with diameter from 1/8”-1


Round Die Stocks

One screw type steel construction are manufacture for holding round dies outside diameter 13/16”-2”


Screw Pitch Gauge

Packing:60pcs/ 240pcs/ 6kgs/ 6.5kgs/ 0.66’
For Gaging of American National Standard threads.

Tap and die set is one of our main products, ensuring durable quality and trouble-free use. We ensure that our tap and die set goes through different quality tests to maintain the desired quality standards for our offerings. We provide unlimited customer support via phone or emails to assist you with any questions you have. MRIWORKS Hand Tool Manufacturing is the global leader in offering the highest quality tap and die set, superior service and pioneering innovations for hand tool markets. For more details of how to get in touch with our sales coordinator, please go to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
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